Do a good deed and kill the weed!

Marijuana is well known as a depressant for people who needs help to control their heart beat and breathing, but some individuals mistreat it to cause hallucinations, excitement, and for their own pleasure. Marijuana is also recognized as  "weed", "pot", "bud", and "MJ".

What does it look like?

Marijuana's mixture and  most common form is dried and shredded leaves that are green to brown and flowers of cannabis sativa. They can be whole leaves and buds or cut up. They are usually smoked in a cigarette form or some sort of bong.

Marijuana bong
Marijuana in a cigarette form

How is it used?

Marijuana can be socially used for recreation, socializing, and generally improving quality of life.

Teen smoking marijuana

Marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes to improve their life, meaning the marijuana is linked to managing physical and mental problems and to preserving health.

Side Effects of Marijuana

> increased heart rate

> low blood pressure

> red/pink, puffy, and itchy eyes

> confusion

> restlessness

Symptoms of overdose

> red, blurry, bloodshot eyes

> rapid heartbeat

> poor memory

> slow reaction time

> loss of control

> poor coordination

> suppression of the immune system

> increased of abnormally structured        cells in the body

Marijuana overdoses kill 37 people in Colorado

Is Marijuana addictive?

   Yes. Over time, overstimulation of the endocannabinoid system by marijuana use can cause changes in the brain that lead to addiction, a condition in which a person cannot stop using a drug even though it interferes with many aspects of his or her life. It is estimated that 9 percent of people who use marijuana will become dependent on it.

Man smoking marijuana for years

What are the withdrawal symptoms?

Marijuana users who tries or tried to quit marijuana would experience the following withdrawal symptoms:

> cravings for cannabis use

> insomnia

> nervousness

> irritability

> anxiety

> nightmares and vivid dreams

> loss of appetite

What are the short-term effects?

> sensory distortion

> panic

> anxiety

> poor coordination of movement

> lowered reaction time

> increased heart beat (and risk of heart      attack)

What are long-term effects?

> cancer (from smoking it)

> addiction (for some people)

> respiratory illness

> decreased in energy and motivation

> learning disabilities (decrease in          memory, concentration, and the ability    to learn)

> weakened immune system

> personality and mood changes

Five myths about marijuana

~ Marijuana causes brain damage.

    This one resurfaced lately, based largely on one recent study in France. The study looked at the brains of 20 heavy cannabis users and compared them to 20 non-smokers (all participants were 18-25). Their brains showed differences in areas related to cognitive and emotional processing. The media ran with those results, claiming that marijuana reorganizes your brain.

~ Smoking pot is much worse for your lungs than smoking cigarettes?

    This is another reason people like to rattle off when discussing the grave dangers of marijuana. Some argue that because weed is generally smoked without a filter, the lungs are not protected. Whatever the rationale behind this claim, it doesn’t appear to be true. A 2012 study on marijuana’s effects on the lungs came up with this conclusion: “Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use was not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function". Whatever the reason, cannabis users seem to end up with healthier lungs than cigarette smokers.

~ Marijuana turns teenagers into troublemakers.

    This myth combines some science regarding early drug use. It is the idea that good kids can turn bad under the influence of cannabis. This silliness doesn’t hold up whatsoever under scrutiny. A 1980 study of 10,000 high school juniors and seniors found that marijuana use is one out of a host of unconventional behaviors, which correlate with each other. In other words, some adolescents are more rebellious—some would say independent —than others, and these kids are more likely to smoke pot (and drink). But pot doesn’t turn anyone into a delinquent.

Adolescents smoking marijuana

~ Cannabis use leads to crime.

    This one is easily debunked, but the desire of some people and groups to demonize marijuana has kept this idea around longer than it deserves. It is easy enough to find statistics that seem to tie marijuana use with crime, but these rely on a roundabout spin of an analysis. Essentially, the association with cannabis and crime comes from the fact that cannabis itself is illegal.

    The study suggests that cannabis use in adolescence and early adulthood may be associated with subsequent involvement in criminal activity.Thus the association seems to rest on the fact that use, possession and distribution of drugs such as cannabis is illegal. The study strengthens concerns about the laws related to the use, possession and distribution of cannabis.”

Man arrested for possession and distribution of cannabis use

~ Opposition to cannabis legalization is driven entirely by cautious prudence.

    The opposition to marijuana legalization has come from many earnest and concerned people, but it is also fueled by industries that figure to lose profits should cannabis become legal and widely available. Alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and cotton (which would have to compete with hemp) are all billion-dollar industries. It is less expensive for them to pay into politicians' campaign funds than for them to face a strong competitor.

Five facts about marijuana

> 749,825 people were arrested for            marijuana law violations in 2012.

> Support for marijuana legalization is      rapidly outpacing opposition.

> It is estimated worldwide that about   162 million adults used marijuna at     least once per year, and 22.5 million use   the drug daily.

> The production and distribution of pot      in America emits as much carbon as 3    million cars.

> In 2003, Canada became the first      country in the world to offer medicinal    marijuana to pain-suffering patients.

Important facts you need to know about marijuana

     As teens, we try to live our lives in the most unexpected way as possible and to create fun and memorable moments, that we forget things that are important to always keep in mind.

    These are some things I'd like you to remember about marijuana that I believe is important for a teenager like you to understand about the drug:

> If you use marijuana, you will have a hard time to keep track of time and to concentrate in your studies, causing your grades to drop.

> Marijuana can make you paranoid (feeling someone is out to hurt you or someone plotting something against you) and cause hallucinations, making yourself and the people around you feel uneasy and nervous.

> If you take marijuana for social use or for pleasure only, that decision can ruin your loved ones who cares and loves you, but not only that, it decreases your physical and mental health.

Take the lead and don't do weed!

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