The Case of The Missing Candybar

by: Mackenzie D. and Gage E.

the crime and the victim!

The crime was on a foggy day in Hershey Pennsylvania. Later that night the Hershey's bar was stolen at 12:02 in the morning when everyone was asleep , or so we thought. Every one said and thought no one was in the store , but could they be wrong? The victim is the Hershey History store .

The scene of the crime!

The scene of the crime is in the Hershey History store in Pennsylvania . The store is surrounded with other stores and very busy streets. The store inside has shelves filled with Hershey bars and signs of which kind they are and what they are called. In the store now there is no Hershey bar in the display case because some one stole it and it needs to be found . If it's not found soon it will mean the end of Hershey bars forever!

The Puzzling Question!

Who stole the very first Hershey bar?

The detectives !

Gage Smith and Mackenzie Brooks are the Detectives . Gage Smith is tall, stealthy, and smart. Mackenzie Brooks is sneaky, clever, and actor/distractor . They were as smart as a cheetah on Christmas eve day.They got notified of the crime by Mr. Strong Stud . The detectives cared about the case because the owner is their brother best friend. Mr. Strong Stud was as good at being a detective as the lion is as good at killing.

The suspects, The motives, and the alibi's!

Suspect 1 is Johnny Brown he is a boy age 16 that is very poor. Possible motive is it will give him lots of money to feed his family. Alibi-" I was at the Alabama store next door at 12:00 A.M. looking at clothes and things that I wished I had, but I didn't take anything. I had 20 dollars that I saved up over the month and I wanted to get something nice for my family. That when the police came and took me away."

Suspect 2 is Ricky Smallbottom he is tall, has lots of freckles, and is a red head age 18. possible motive is he is just a huge trouble maker and has been to jail 5 times. Alibi-" was just the way I always am in an alley with a bunch of crazy's beating up a nerd for 10 minutes when the police come an take me to the station."

Suspect 3 is Bonnie Thigh she is short, fat from all the candy bars, and has short dark brown hair. " I was at the nail salon getting a manicure and a pedicure about an hour after the crime and then all of a sudden a dozen police officers come swarming in and they take me away and when we get to there car they throw me in the trunk."

Suspect 4 is Grace Coughdip possible motive she hates chocolate. she is average height, blonde hair, and has dark blue eyes, she is also 13 . " I was eating Roman noodles at my house while watching Christmas vacation when a bunch of cops come running In saying, " you need to come with us right now"! I didn't know what to do so I just went with them."

how the story played out!

When they all got to the police station the detectives interrogated each and every one of them and asked them questions like, what were you doing the night of the crime? Also billions of other questions . after about 4 hours, an hour for each one of them they finally got one to talk . Grace coughdip ! she was the person who stole the Hershey's candy bar. She went to jail for the rest of her life and the Hershey's bar was restored to it's formal glory in the display case in the Hershey's History store and never to be bothered again . Today the Hershey bar still remains in it's case with lazars and surveillance cameras . If ever to be stolen again they will be sentenced to life with Grace . If you ever dare to steal from the store we will hunt you down and for all beware!

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