Guadalupe's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

This is my interpretation of the St. Louis Blues

William Christopher Handy was born in a cabin with his mother and father and they were really poor. William worked hard to get money for his guitar. Many months past and he had enough money saved for his guitar. His father always thought music was bad except if it was made with voices. Than one day William came with a guitar,and his father did not like it. His father order him to return it.

Handy received money but very little”Memphis Blues”. He couldn’t write his music because there was too much noise at his house with all the kids and couldn’t concentrate. He had to sneak out from his house where there was peace and faith full where there was no noise but his music. his wife never knew where he went. Finally he could write his music the with no trouble. He even wrote the song called”St Louis Blues” and published it and earned 4,000 for “St. Louis Blues”. Than he became called “Father of the Blues”. After that a movie was made of his life. He wanted to watch it but he was too ill to go to the theater. So they brought the movie to him. He couldn’t see no more but he could hear the music, and he loved it! I hate this song. I don't like his sons its goes to slow and it can get in your feeling to fast.

I hate sad songs. That's why i don't like his songs.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music class
  • His music school was bombed during World War ll - thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern Period
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous composition
  • Carmina Burana mean "songs of Burana"
  • He died 1895 March 29

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