I am a person who likes to do fun things I may seem boring when you first meet me but if you are a good friend or family member then I can be a lot of fun. I also like to play x-box with my brothers and just hang out and watch some TV. Some other fun things that I like to do is hang out with family and friends and spend the night places.

3 Interesting things

first thing: that I like to do is I like to play x-box with my brothers because I am a lot better then them and they get very mad and throw the controller or they will shut the x-box off and then they will yell at me or scream at me. Or they will leave the room and throw a fit for no reason.

second thing: I like to roller blade places for example me and my mom would roller blade around the panincila just to do it for the fun on a hot summer day. We would go swimming after we went around like 2 times its a really nice view of the panincila all the people out on jet skies and on the boats and just swimming.

Third Thing: The third thing that I like to do is I like to bmx with bikes I like to do tricks and just ride around places just for fun. But if I see a jump then I jump it on the bike and then just ride off.


One of my goals are that I do good in this class and that I do successful in this all of my classes  this quarter and that I don't get in trouble.

Another goal is that I pass 9th grade which I am sure that I will and that I pass with no d's or f's at all on the report card.

Another goal for me is that I can see my brothers for the first time in about 6 months and that I can stay the weekend at their house and have lots of fun with them.


The reason I would like to go to Las Vegas is because of all of the amazing places and things that you could do their. One thing that I would like to do is I would like to rent a villa for the night and go party all night and come back with a couple of friends and hang out.

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