Paper Dictionary

Today, I took a picture of this English dictionary in the library here, wondering if there are people who look up this big and thick dictionary or even touch it. I will check next Thursday if the page turns where the word 'rectify' is explained. If I can still see the word next week as well, it means that nobody doesn't use it for one week. Also, I wonder whether or not such kind of dictionary is still being published.

People seem to use  paper dictionaries less and less because of the great convenience of digital ones in their computers or cellphones. However, regardless of whether people use them or not, we may also be able to see these familiar scenes in the photo in any library all over the world. A big dictionary has to always be showingly put (or 'displayed') on the desk with its pages always being opened as if it shows off its fading glory as a treasure of knowledge.

It seems that the lives & usefulness of paper dictionaries nearly come to an end, and they have become just one of decoration stuffs for library. Besides dictionaries, in the future, a vast number of paper books in the library are likely to be interior decorations for the library just showing that this is or was a library. The future library might be a place not for books, but for digital reading devices like Ipads or tablet PCs. We will probably see a library ad saying "We have one million Ipads and computers" in the future.