It doesn’t go towards FIFA 15 Coins maintaining

It doesn’t go towards FIFA 15 Coins maintaining other online features, that’s for sure. The PC version of FIFA 15 has removed match lobbies. That means there’s no longer any way to play some casual, unranked matches against random people, and no head-to-head way to try out some new teams without just diving into a ranked game. The ability to save and share replays also seems to have vanished on PC (or it’s hidden somewhere so obscure I can’t find it.)

This all rather sours what is otherwise a fairly decent version of the game. FIFA 15 is the first PC version to make use of the Ignite Engine, though I’d be hard pushed to identify more changes between FIFA 14 and 15 than, say, 11 and 12. New engine or not, EA Sports are at the iterative stage of development where annual alterations to the game are more likely to be cosmetic (new 3D crowds, more licensed stadiums) than dramatic.
The most prominent change to the way FIFA 15 plays concerns close controlled dribbling, and the knock-on effect this has on defending. In FIFA 14 (at least on PC,) players could take an age to get the ball under control, turn and dash through a defence. Now, even League One journeymen can have a decent stab at being 1990s Roberto Baggio and quick, skillful players like Messi can twist, waltz and retain possession basically at will.