Tropical Savannas

a great place to visit!

A main city in the Tropical savanna biome is Darwin, Australia.

The tropical savanna is considered warm all year.

Almost half of Africa is suggested a Tropical Savanna.

The Tropical rainfall receives 59 inches of rain a year.

The Tropical Savanna is mostly made up of grass with few trees.

There are two distinct seasons in the Tropical Savanna.

One of the seasons is the wet season. The wet season lasts November through April.

The other season is the dry season. The dry season lasts from May through October.

Floods occur in the Northern and eastern coastal area. Droughts are more severe in eastern Queenland.

The best time to go is probably from May to October when it is not flooding.

The savanna biome is mostly made up of grass but there are a few trees.

Despite the not so hospitable climatic conditions, the tropical grassland supports the largest diversity of herbivorous animals. This is one of the savanna biome fun facts that astonishes animal conservationists all over the world.

In the tropical grassland biome, the upper soil layer that supports plant growth is relatively less. Unlike the tropical rainforest and temperate deciduous forest, the soil of savanna biome is less fertile. No wonder, grasses are the dominant plant forms.

Just like water conservation, the plants do store nutrients for use in dry season. Thus, many of the savanna plants have large underground roots, in the form of corms and tubers. In order to discourage herbivores from grazing, the grasses secrete bitter tasting substances or the leaves are too stiff to chew.

Again based on the dominant grasses, the tropical grassland is divided into three types - the tall grassland representing tall grasses of more than 5 feet, the mixed grassland with 2 - 3 feet tall grasses and the short grassland having dwarf grasses.

Zebras have stripes so they can protect them selves from lions

All baboons live in the savanna which is located in Afica

The carcal is a fearsome creature predator with remarkable speed anfd agility

Wild dogs greccaial and gather in parts about 10 inviduals.

Koala bears aren't counted in the bear famliy but in the pouch famliy.

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