It can be treated

HIV is known as the worst plague to date with a death count of over 25 million. In certain parts of the world, someone dies every 8 seconds from this same disease. But how can it be treated? First of all, you need to be diagnosed HIV positive, then, you will need an HIV care provider which will help you to receive the best treatment. Who is the HIV care provider? Mainly, they are Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses or Physician Assistants. An important aspect of getting treated effectively is to ask for some help as soon as possible. It is proven that starting the «antiretroviral therapy (ART)»(1) early brings many benefits for you and your health. Unfortunately, there is no care for HIV yet, but it is possible to get medication that will treat the infection. «As long as HIV is left untreated, it continues to infect CD4 cells and other types of cells inside your body. It uses these cells to make millions of copies of itself, which then infect other cells, and so on. This process, called viral replication, eventually damages your immune system, lowers your CD4 count and leaves you vulnerable to serious diseases»(2). In a nutshell, this explains the action of the virus. The ART is there to block the replication process of the virus. Depending on the medication, it’ll attack the disease in many different ways and help to reduce the propagation and development of it. Finally, the ART doesn’t stop the Virus; it is still possible to transmit the infection to someone else. The treatment is, up to now, mainly effective to protect your health and bring you the ability to live easily.

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