Facts about Ancient Egypt, Rozetti Period 9


Pyramids were tombs, royal tombs, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings.

In Ancient Egypt, pyramids were built during the time of the Old Kingdom.  The first pyramid was the Step Pyramid.  It was built about 5,000 years ago.   You could see it for miles.

Caption:  This is what a Pyramid looks like.  It is a big 3d triangle with a square base or this is also known as a Pyramid.



Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife when someone died.  Mummification helped someone reach the afterlife as they thought that, in order to have an afterlife, the dead person would have to repossess his or her body.  Egyptians believed that the only way to do this was if the body was recognizable.  Here is the step-by-step process of how mummification works.

1.  Pull the brain out of nose using a hook.

2.  Make a cut on the left side of the body near the tummy.

3.  Remove all internal organs.

4.  Let the internal organs dry.

5.  Place the lungs, intestines, stomach and liver inside canopic jars.

6.  Place the heart back inside the body.

7.  Rinse inside of body with wine and spices.

8.  Cover the corpse with natron (salt) for 70 days.

9.  after 40 days stuff the body with linen of sand to give it a more human shape.

10.  After the 70 days wrap the body from head to toe in bandages.

11.  Place in a sarcophagus (a type of box like a coffin).

Caption:  This is a photo of a person in a tent doing mummification.  In this photo he is doing the step after the 70 days are over which is where you wrap the dead body in some tape.


The Nile River

This is the river that runs up right next to the red sea.  This gives the Egyptians water, and irrigation for crops.  The land along this river is the land that has some grass.  The people lived near the Nile and they grew crops along the Nile for better soil.  

Caption:  This a picture of the Nile River.  On the land right next to the Nile is the blackland which is where the majority of grass is.


Valley of the Kings

The Valley of Kings was a valley where they placed all the most famous kings at.  This valley stands on the west bank of the Nile River.  Most of the tombs were cut into the limestone following a similar pattern: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber.

Caption:  This is a photo showing where some of the tombs are,  who some people are, and where they are buried.

Three Kingdoms

Archaeologists have divided Ancient Egypt's history into three kingdoms.  The three kingdoms are Old Kingdom,  Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom.  During the Old Kingdom pharaohs were buried in pyramids.  During Middle Kingdom they started hiding pharaohs tombs in hidden tombs.  Then in the New Kingdom they started burying them in the Valley of the Kings.

Caption:  This is a chart showing the differences between Old, Middle, and New Kingdom.  This also shows what they changed in all three kingdoms.

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