Thanksgivings Weekend

Nov. 28

Around 10 am me and my family are going to see our great grandparents in Prairie Du Chien.

I was asleep around this time, but my little sister woke me up so I could take some pictures going to Prairie Du Chien

At around 11:45 we started to get to little cities and Amish country too there was a lot of stuff to take pictures of. We went to a town named Harmony.

Then we went threw another town.

We entered Iowa

Nov. 29

    We stop to get some sleep In a hotel in Iowa, in the morning we got back on the road.

Had stop and eat McD's on IA - 9E

Don't know what that says somebody can tell me ?

We finally got to Prairie Du Chien

      When we got there I met some of my old family members that I haven't seen in 5 years n I was happy that they know who we were but they got me n sister mixed up they haven't seen as in a long time. I didn't take pictures of them but I took a picture of my great grandmother sleeping

   To your right you we see that there's a cruches on the floor by my grandma is getting surgery today bc she can hardly walk. My mom took this picture of her.

    We had different foods grandma, my aunts Diane and Barbra, n grandpa, and uncle Mark were cooking, we never got hungry because they cooked Breakfast, snack, Lunch, Dinner and Supper, then Dessert. We had was cheery bombs, Chocolate Cake, some granola chocolate cookie thing and Ginger Snaps cookies too.

Nov. 30

    At 11am we left to go back to Minnesota we was happy to go back home.

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