The Trojan War

By: Donovan Addison

The trojan war is a story out of greek mythology which was waged between the city of Troy and the Achaeans, better known as the Greeks. The war started because Paris takes the queen of Sparta Helen while her husband Menelaus is away at a funeral. Menelaus calls upon his armies to find Troy and go to war. Using 50 boats, they sail to Mysia and mistakenly thought they had taken Helen. They then laid siege to the city, while at the same time, suffered heavy casualties. And they still found themselves without what they came for. The king of the city had been wounded by Achilles. The Greeks returned home, not knowing where else to go. Telephus had been told by an oracle that the only way to have his injury healed was by the one that had caused it. So he went to Greece and in return for him healing his injury, Telephus told Achilles how to get to Troy. This is where the war begins. For 9 years, the fight was going on outside the walls of Troy. The Greeks were also fighting the neighbouring regions as they were supplying Troy with resources. But they could not get through the walls of Troy.  Helenus, a prophet, foretold that Troy would not fall unless certain circumstances were met. These were:Achilles son would have to fight in the war, Hercules bow and arrow were used by the Greeks, Pelops remains were brought to Troy, and the Palladium was stolen. All of these things happened. The Greeks devised a clever plan called the Trojan horse. They all climbed inside and left it sitting at the gate of Troy showing a sign of "surrender". The Trojans brought it into the city. At night, the got out of horse and laid siege to the city. Greece had won.

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