The Battle of Vimy Ridge

British General Sir Julian Byng

April 9th, 1917

Today is the day that my men and I will create history. I am  Lieutenant-General Sir  Julian Byng and I am leading my men through this treacherous battle . I will either die fighting side by side with my men with every ounce in my body or die trying my very best. We have sacrificed too many of our  men, and I feel so sorry to their families, and we have to win this battle, not only for us but to honor our fallen men. I believe that if can just take over the ridge it will give us a much higher chance of winning this war. General Arthur Currie and I have been doing some really intense planning and thinking of our best chances of winning the battle. Since our last raid at Hill 145 on March 1st, it was a disaster, now we have learned from our mistakes and we are confident of conquering it. Currie and I have planned out tactics and we were thinking of using airplanes to drop bombs, then after have our men charge with machine guns while the marksmen snipe off the enemies. Also we have created a new overview map on where the German's will be, we are so prepared and they don't know whats coming for them. Everyone of our men have already practiced the execution of this tactic. Today is the day and we are ready. Good luck you German bastards.

April 10, 1917

What a miracle! We have done it. We captured Vimy Ridge. Our men swept right through the Germans without losing too many men. We are on our road to victory. But we just had to take Hill 145. The fourth division had the toughest job and the most important feature of the whole Ridge because once it was taken, it would give the Canadian's a commanding view of the German's rearward defenses in the Douai Plain. So for that reason, that's when I decided to call in the 85th Battalion of Nova Scotia, for help. I wasn't sure if they would be much help since they were not inexperienced at battle, but clearly they had proved me wrong and we conquered Hill 145. The enemy accepted their loss and pulled back more that 3 kilometers, This is the most excitement we have had in a while and everyone was so pumped up. I'm starting to get a great feeling about this war. We have done what we thought could not happen. We were now on the way to sweet victory. I'm so proud of my men!

April 13, 1917

Wow, I can't believe what happened. My life will be forever changed and so will this nation. When  I was told to lead the Canadians to war, I seemed a little nervous because I heard about the British and French failing and losing hundred upon thousands of great men. I honestly thought it would be the same, if not worse. As I has said to myself before this great journey had started, I will do everything in my power to lead these men to a successful victory, and here we are victorious. My days of worry are over and this great nation can stop the suffering. I'm just so glad that I had the opportunity to lead these young men to victory from such a horrendous battle. We can go home with pride in our hearts. This victory did so much more than restore peace in our nation, but it created history that I can go on living my life and being honored to be apart of. I thanks each and everyone of the men who risked their life. God bless you all!

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