Io is a far maiden that lives in the town of Argos. She was so good that everybody who met her instantly liked her. One day Zeus caught a glimpse of Io and visited the town of Argos in the form of a man. Io did not know who he was, but thought he was a prince. Hera was not happy when she figured out what Zeus was doing away from home. Hera was committed to making Io suffer so she traveled to the town of Argos to execute a plan. Zeus saw Hera coming from far away so to protect Io he disguised her as a white cow, but Hera knew that the cow was Io when she arrived. Hera said, "Oh what a fine cow you have there" she said to Zeus. Zeus tried to refuse giving Hera Io, but Hera would not stop asking so he gave in. Then she gave the cow to a watchmen named Arges and tied her by a long rope to a tree. Zeus grieved for her suffering as she was held captive to the tree in her cow form against her will. One day Prometheus, the titan, came to Io and told her a prophecy of her returning to her human form once again. he promised to her that she would be a mother to a blood line of heros.

One day while Hera was sleeping Zeus swooped down at the speed of light and pet Io's head. Io then turned to her human form, while asleep, by Zeus's touch. Io then went on to live in Egypt and later in her blood line Hercules was born.

Moral: This story has a similar concept to the Bible story Daniel and the lions den and how even through tough times God will provide. Daniel and Io both suffered, but in the end lived happy lives. You should always stay faithful even through the toughest times.

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