Characterization: Guy Montag


Indirectly: Curious

Guy Montag is indirectly characterized as curious in "Fahrenheit 451" For example Montag meets a girl named Clarisse and he is very curious to find out more about her. He is curious about her because he just met her and nothing interesting is going on in his life. He is also very interested in reading the books that he keeps from his "firefighting Career". This is an indirect characterization because it doesn't directly say in the book that he is curious.

Direct: Traitor

Montag is directly characterized as a traitor because he is a firefighter and he is very curious about book. He is supposed to be a firefighter and burn every book in existence from the face of the earth but instead he turned his back on the job and started his own collection of books. This is an example of direct characterization. The readers don't really need to look as hard to see that he is in fact, a traitor.

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