Book Report

by Gordon Korman

Ungifted is a story of a eighth grade troublemaker named Donovan Curtis.  Donovan accidentally rolls an expensive bronze globe through glass doors at school.  He gets in serious trouble with the Superintendent of Schools when a multi-million dollar Globe from a statue of Atlas ends up in the middle of the gym during a basketball game, costing the district an exorbitant amount of money. 

"Once Atlas's globe is rolling, there's nothing anyone can do to save the gym at the bottom of the hill." (page 44)

The Superintendent is furious and intends to punish the person responsible for the prank.  Donovan and his family are in a difficult situation with his sister pregnant and his brother-in-law deployed in Afghanistan.  Just when he thinks his life couldn't get any worse, his name is mixed up with a different pile of names and instead of getting in trouble, he finds himself among the new gifted students to enter the Academy of Scholastic Distinction.   It seems like an ideal solution: Donovan avoids detention and instead he is given the opportunity to attend a school with many advantages over his own, such as personal laptops, cellphones during school, individualized lessons and special treatment for all students.  There is only one problem: Donovan is not academically gifted or talented. 

How will he fit in?  Will he be able to make friends?  Who is going to help him discover his own talents? 

I strongly encourage you to read Ungifted by Gordon Korman and decide for yourself what makes Donovan special, what makes each one of us special and what are the gifts that each one of us can share with others. 


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After reading the book I think you will agree that we may not like everything that happens in our lives but maybe it happens for a reason...

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