Reasons Why Family Members are Choosing Customized Caskets Over Typical Ones

Letting a loved one go forever takes a monumental amount of courage and the strong acceptance of how things presently are. What makes the idea of moving on very difficult to embrace is the fact that our lives are made up of small moments that we create with other people, and when we love someone, it means that we have spent and made memories with that person more than any other.

Why are more and more people choosing a customized casket over the common and typical ones? Before, caskets came in a solid color with just the usual silk and padded interior and in one shape. No added accessories, decoration, and other colorful stuff. When grieving family members come to see the deceased, they mourn, which means to say that putting a very ornamented and customized casket in one such occasion would probably be off, like a sore thumb sticking out.

Nevertheless, there are people who are reported to be trying this new trend in funeral service called Casket Customization. This particular service enables the family members to, as the name suggests, customize and alter the physical appearance of the deceased’s casket as to how they see fit. There are funeral homes that provide this service that offer no limit as to the changes the family members can do. There are some who wished for the painting of The Last Supper to be spray-painted on the surface of the casket, others still requested for other famous paintings as well. Some people requested for the portrait of the deceased to be painted on the outside of the casket. One sad photo showed a tiny coffin embellished with sketches of a famous cartoon character loved by little girls everywhere, its interior a flush of pink and rose padding. Another small coffin showed its side heavily drawn with famous superheroes in their action pose, looking as if they were invited to the funeral to carry the deceased with them.

These coffins are very unconventional and will definitely cause a stir among the invited people. Still, it cannot be denied that there is a certain appeal to them. Why exactly do people take on this trend?

Perhaps it can be easily explained by the fact that a customized casket, even for one last time, could at least stand for the memory of the deceased person. In a way, the alteration of the coffin according to the deceased’s preferences and personality is a tribute to his or her memory. If one should stop to think about it, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that, in our day today, we are still perhaps not that open to easily accepting major changes in things that we have gotten used to for a very long time.