Homefront Tackk

                                                         DAY 1

  Today was a busy day. When I woke up my mom was crying on the couch. My dad had been injured and they wouldn't let him come home. I tried to comfort her but it wasn't working. Tears after tears. My sister woke up and came in. She was wondering what happened. I explained to her what had happened and she started comforting my mom. I went to my room and closed the door to write a letter to my father.

"Dear Father,

                 I heard the news and mom is falling apart. I wish they would just let you come home. The injury can't be too bad if they won't let you come home but if you can't fight anymore you should be able to come home. I don't like seeing mom like this, but I guess it's uncontrollable. I wish you were here.. Please stay safe, if that's possible in a war, and come home soon.

                                                              Love, Samantha."

This evening was kind of a difficult one. My mom was doing better but still not 100% herself. I got my letter sent out to my father earlier and now it's on the way to him. I also decided that it's be okay to send some money to my aunt in New York.

To help the war I helped my friend help a couple slaves get to Canada so they could be free. After that I came back home and sent a package to the nearby base with some medical supplies. I hope that the supplies can help the soldiers a little bit. Well, better go for the night. Goodbye.

                                                          Day 2

"Dear father, I heard today on the news of the attack on Fort McAllister. I wanted to make sure that you're okay and that you weren't harmed in this battle. Please write back when you can. I'm not sure if you were fighting in this attack or if any of the soldiers stationed with you were harmed. Please keep us informed. Good luck...And goodbye. Love, Samantha."

This morning when I went to get the newspaper I had the largest scare of my life. There was an attack. My father may or may not have been in this battle and may or may not be alive. I'm not sure what to do. My father could be dead. But I won't know for months. My mother and sister are scared and my family is falling apart having him out there. What are we suppose to do? We don't know if he is dead...or alive.... The attack at Fort McAllister was very dangerous and we don't know how many deaths there were. So we aren't sure who is dead and who is alive.

                                                            DAY 3

Mother is sick..She can barely get out of bed so I have to take care of her and my sister. I made my mom some soup and tried to keep her comfortable. We also got a letter today coming back from dad.

"Dear Samantha,

                     Hey Sammy, I'm doing fine. Just a little scratch on my left arm. I'm sorry for the scare and for worrying you. But I'm fine. And I was not near where the attack took place and neither was anyone from my base. We were too far away to be able to get there in time. My Colonel says that I might not be able to contact you guys for a while after this. Please tell your mother I love her and that I will call as soon as I can. I love you..Goodbye."

After reading it to my mother, I went and looked out the window. I could see the grass dying and all the crops around us wilting. The sky was grey with smoke from guns being fired. The Ohio River starting to turn read. All the blood from the fallen soldiers up river. They're blood dripping into the water and coming up stream. It's sad how the ones of us at home incapable of helping with this battle can only do so much. I decided I would help the most that I can. I took a banner and wrote "MAKE THE FIGHTING STOP!!" in the most colorful letters ever.

I put my banner outside of our house and ran quickly back inside. Another thing i decided to do was send some snacks to my father and the others at his base. I put little things, easy to unwrap. Nothing big but just enough to help. I sent it out in the mail and now I should check on mother. It feels great helping the soldiers. But not I should go...Goodbye.

                                                            DAY 4

We received a letter 2 days ago from our father and it was quite alarming.

"Dear Samantha and family,

                 Today there was an accident and I'm writing this from my hospital bed here in California. I wish I could have told you sooner but the other day we were in a battle. I got sent over to Oregon and while I was over there I got hit with some shrapnel and it went into my leg and it's nothing too bad it just really hurts. I'm sorry to tell you but I still can't come home, but I promise when this is all over I will be home. I love you guys. My doctor is coming in to get this letter so I need to go. I love you guys. See you soon..Hopefully."

I read it to my mother and sister and we were all torn to pieces. I couldn't stand knowing that my father is harmed and I can't do anything about it. My mother was crying and my sister was on her knees on the ground also crying. I went to my mom and tried to cheer her up and make her stop crying. Once I finally had some time to do my research I went and got the news paper and looked up what battle took place.

Battle of the Ball's Bluff. They aren't sure how many deaths or who exactly won. My father was only one of many who went to the hospital so early. Yet not the only one. I need to go help my mother. Goodbye...

                                                           DAY 5

 Someone has assassinated President Lincoln. He's dead. The newspaper headings were saying things like "President Lincoln Assassinated at His Favorite Play." and "Lincoln Assassinated. Wife in Grief." I can't believe someone really would have the guts to do something like this. Really? Why would someone kill such a great man. And for what? Because they felt like it? Because they felt that he was wrong. Wow!

  Mr. Lincoln and his wife were at their favorite play watching. At one of the funniest moments in the play the assassin was in the Presidential booth and boom...He pulled the trigger. The bullet went into the back of Lincoln's head and stopped right behind his eye. His face was swollen and there wasn't much of a chance of him living. Gasps filled the room and some people asked if there was a doctor in the room.

  They took Mr. Lincoln into a boarding house across from the theater. A doctor came in and said he couldn't do anything at the time. Mr. Lincoln stayed there over night and the next morning he was dead. The town was in distress and now who were we suppose to celebrate? It was suppose to be all over...But now there's this. They did catch the assassin but I'm curious to know what they have to say about him...we'll just have to wait and see.

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2 years ago

I'm Samantha age 18 and I'm stuck at home taking care of my mom and sisters while my dad fights in the Civil War. We are of the Union side and we live in Ohio. The dates of this week are July 24th, 1862-July 31, 1862. My father is stationed in California.

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2 years ago

June 31st, 1892- July 6th, 1862.