Four Simple Tips to Choose Men’s Casual Shoes

“A man is best judged by the shoes he wears.”

This is a popular adage that best signifies the dressing sense of men with respect to shoes. Truly, your shoes define your attitude. Whether they are square toed Oxfords or taper-toed loafers, every shoe distinguishes itself with regards to style and presentation.

Formal attires or casual wears are incomplete without the right pair of shoes. For office goers, the Oxfords and Boots have become the part-and-parcel of everyday outfit, but when it comes to casual dressing, even the stylist of men seem to fumble.

So, how do you decide which pair of shoes will perfectly blend with a certain outfit? How will you know which pair is ideal for certain occasion? After assessing all these doubts, and approaching several styling experts, we have brought up these 4 handy tips to pick up the right casual shoes pair for men.

  • 1> Pick a darker Shade It is said that the shoes you wear should offer a base contrast to the shade of pants you are wearing. So, if you plan to wear light coloured jeans or chinos, then dark brown leather shoes are recommended. On the other hand, white or blue-washed jeans do call for pitch black or dark grey sneakers or deep-hued moccasins. Trust us! Darker the shade of your shoes, better are the chances of you getting noticed.
  • 2> Go with Plain Socks Designer socks with stripes and cheques were really cool in the school-going days. However, in adulthood, they do not commend attention or recognition. Experts say that it is preferred to wear plain white socks, or dark hued socks that perfectly compliment the colour of the shoes. Your socks to the shoes are like ties to the shirts, so be careful to choose the shade, colour, and of course the texture.
  • 3> Comfort counts Casual outfits are designed for comfort and free movement. You cannot contradict it with some tight-fitting shoes that may bite your toes and pain your ankles. So, before you pick a matching pair for your chinos or dockers, make sure you feel comfortable in them.
  • 4> Grip is good Flat bottom shoes with no grips can embarrass you on slippery surfaces. Precaution: Buy shoes with a decent amount of grip. Check whether the outsoles of the shoes have grooves and rivets to offer good grip and support on any surface.