Life in the Arabian Peninsula

Tips for when you visit the Arabian Peninsula

Here is some tips for when you visit the Arabian peninsula!

Tip #1: Arabian Peninsula can sometime be rainy and wet but i could also be very sunny.

Tip #2:  In the dessert it would be better to live a nomad life.

Tip #3: the desert is a dry sandy place with scarce products.

Tip #4: The weather during the day is "blazing hot".

Tip #5: Oases provides fresh drinking water.

Tip #6: Coastal plain has a great supply of food.

Tip #7: mountains have cooler temperature.  

Tip #8: Hard to exist in the desert because of lack of soil.

Tip #9: Oases provides fertile soil.  

Tip #10: There are many trees in a Coastal plain.

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