Blue Ridge Region

The Blue Ridge Region is the most beautiful of all. Located at the northeastern part of  Georgia, with their luscious mountains, the highest point being Brasstown Bald. Everyone loves the warm,cozy feeling  you get when staying in the north Georgia mountains in a cabin with a cup of hot chocolate and wood burning in the fireplace all while enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains. With that being said a nice vacation to Blue Ridge, Georgia would do great things for your family.  

As well as you can't forget the famous city of Dahlonega, Georgia. It is famous for the for the first gold rush taking place there in 1828. In the past the primary industry was mining. Today to do with its scenic beauty, it is tourism. Tourism is important to the Blue Ridge Region because of the fun things to do within the region. This picture shows the University of North Georgia college's gold rooftop of the schools building. This college is located in downtown Dahlonega and is very important to the community.

A View from atop Brasstown Bald.

The region contains the southern most part of the Appalachian Plateau. With that being said the climate conditions of the region are summers with warm mild days and comfortable cool nights. Winters in this area can be quite cold with occasional snow and ice throughout the mountains. Between 50 and 80 inches of rainfall per year. These conditions make it a very popular tourist attraction in Georgia. Also it would be a great place for a business to relocate to because of the climate and industries are extremely successful here.

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