Market Automation Software Review of Act-On

Marketing automation software takes care of the repetitive and time consuming chores that accompany digital marketing strategies, freeing your staff to concentrate on converting leads to clients. The right marketing software can greatly increase number of leads your company receives and help your business to grow at an exponential rate. Market automation software can be expensive, however, and most programs insist on a yearlong commitment so it is important to choose your software wisely.

To help you with this critical decision, we will be reviewing some of the top market automation software platforms over the next several weeks, giving you a closer look at their features, pricing, and difficulty level so you can make the best software choice for your company. This week we will be reviewing Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Software Act-On.

Act-On Overview
Act-On software is a cloud-based integrated marketing automation platform that provides a full range of marketing features, with inbound, outbound, and lead nurturing programs. Its easy to use format features an intuitive interface that allows even inexperienced marketers to become quickly proficient without the need for advanced training. Users can check their results of their marketing efforts on their smartphone from anywhere, using Act-On’s mobile apps, which feature the same type of clean interface that makes Act-On software so easy to use. User feedback for Act-On has been overwhelmingly positive, with many companies seeing large gains in qualified leads.

Scott Wells, a Regional Sales Manager for Act-On, passed along this story that illuminates a typical customer experience with Act-On:

“I’d like to share a recent case study we did on Mikogo – a global screen sharing software company that had no problem with lead generation. But their challenge was successfully managing incoming leads: following up effectively, qualifying, and prioritizing. They adopted Act-On and saw a 30% lift in Sales! Their Online Marketing Manager, Andrew Donnelly, said this about Act-On after they realized some immediate results… “Prior to Act-On, our sales team spent hours each day manually qualifying leads and relying on cold calling and luck to find interested leads. Now, Act-On’s automated programs, lead scoring, and behavior tracking completely take care of this. Thanks to Act-On, interested leads are identified automatically, enabling our sales team to focus their efforts there, which has resulted in 30% additional closed deals without needing additional resources or headcount.” Automated and personalized communications along with integration with their CRM, Salesforce, was a complete game changer for Mikogo.”

Let’s take a closer look at what Act-On has to offer:

Act-On Product Features:

Reports & Analytics - Act-On provides a wide array of reporting tools with an integrated analytics suite that provides real-time results in an easy-to-understand format. Qualification and scoring help you assess leads’ readiness to buy so you can approach them at the right moment in the marketing journey. Google Paid Per Click tracking, Funnel reports, and conversion tracking help you monitor engagement and keep you informed of the success of your marketing efforts.

CRM Integration – Act-On integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sugar, and Infor, providing you with a whole new set of functionalities that you never have to leave your CRM to access. You can effortlessly migrate your lead database from one tool to another, with the information updating in real time or hourly.

Customer Support – Act-On’s fantastic customer support is one of its strongest selling points. While some marketing software companies are notoriously hard to contact, Act-On is known for providing customers with the highest level of support. Technicians are always willing to talk customers through implementation and resolve any issues that arise quickly and professionally.

Outbound Marketing:

  • Email Marketing – Act-On offers a solid email marketing platform, with a good list of basic features including list segmentation, dynamic content, A/B testing, click-through and conversion tracking, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to see how your email looks on a variety of devices. The email templates it offers are a bit rigid and generic-looking, but if you are looking for a quick way to create mobile-responsive, dynamic email campaigns, Act-On can’t be beat.
  • Webinars – Act-On integrates with WebEx and Citrix so you can plan, promote, and follow-up your webinars, with lead and contact info conveniently delivered to your database.

Inbound Marketing:

  • SEO – Act-On is a bit lacking in advanced SEO features for more experienced users, but marketers who are new to SEO practices will find the SEO Audit tool a workable way to optimize the content on their webpages and landing pages.
    • Website Prospecting – The Website Prospector offered by Act-On provides insight into website visitors, with daily website visitor reports and anonymous visitor tracking that stores data in case visitors return at a later date. Act-On combines Reverse IP Lookup with integrated information sources to let you see the companies and marketing prospects that are visiting your website, and real-time alerts allow you to track specific contacts so you can follow up immediately after their visits.
    • Social Marketing – Basic social marketing features are included in Act-On, with scheduled publishing and Competitor Insights, which provides a side by side comparison of your social network activity statistics with your competitors. The one stand out feature is Act-On’s Twitter Prospector, which allows you to search for tweets that contain targeted terms and keywords, so you can find relevant conversations to join.
    • Landing Pages and Forms – Act-On features fast and easy landing page and form creation, with a central library of components that can be used to add functionality and provide content to incentivize visitors. Ecommerce payment components can be easily added, and the simple drag-and-drop tools allow users to create landing pages quickly, but don’t expect advanced graphics or creative capabilities. Landing page engagement and conversion tools make it easy to compare performance of pages.

Act-On PricingAct-On is a subscription service, with tiered pricing based on the number of active contacts (not the number of contents in your database). Each tier’s pricing is for 3 marketing users and 5 sales users, 500 keywords, and 1,000 pages for SEO; additional users can be added for a fee. Pricing begins at $600 a month for 1,000 contacts; $750 for 2,500; $900 for 5,000; and so on, up to $7,950 a month for 1,000,000. Fees for implementation and training, which are not included, range from $500 to $2,500.

Act-On User ProfileWhile Act-On offers their marketing software platform for organizations of all sizes, the majority of their users are small to mid-market businesses with less than 50 employees.

Bottom Line:Many users are finding great success with Act-On marketing automation software, especially those who are new to digital marketing. Act-On Software provides easy to use email marketing, lead management, and marketing automation for small to mid-market businesses that are looking to expand their marketing reach. Superior customer support, affordable pricing tiers, and robust tracking and analytics features make Act-On a good choice for new marketers or busy companies without a lot of time to invest in training and preparation.

We hope this Market Automation Software Review of Act-On helps you with your purchasing decision. Join us for next Thursday’s Market Automation Software Review, when we will be taking an in-depth look at Marketo software.

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