The Steps of Drawing

Ian Ditsch


Have you ever drawn something and you thought to yourself that “that was actually good?” If so, you’re probably pretty good at drawing. Well if you are you should proceed to read this tackk because you’ll find out all the tips and tricks about drawing!


There is a lot of information about drawing in this tack such as the first sketch, bolding, shading, and adding color to make it look really cool.

First sketch

You start with a really light drawing of the outside lines. Then you go and add the inside lines. Then go back and do the details really lightly.

Bolding the sketch

You go through with a sharpie or pencil and make all the lines darker and bolder. You don’t have to make all the lines bolder and darker because some of the lines need to be light.


Go back with a pencil and add a light scribble to where you

think the lighting really captures the shining gleam of the object. Not all drawings need to have shading because on some drawings it doesn’t look right so if you are drawing a picture that doesn’t need it just go ahead and skip this step.

The coloring

Now comes the fun part the color. First start out with picking all the necessary colors don’t pick random colors because that won’t make it look good. So once you have all the right colors start filling in the right spots with the appropriate color and don’t scribble there is no rush.


Drawing is really fun and now that you have learned all about the first sketch, bolding, shading, and coloring, your one step closer to being a great artist.

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