Letter Home                               

Hello Fellow Aliens from Outer Space! Your mission today is to write a letter to your home planet describing the ONE significant physical feature on planet Earth where your spaceship landed. Don't forget to include photos of your surroundings. I'm giving you two examples below......since you are aliens, you know.

Dear Family back on Mars:

I finally landed on Earth yesterday. Boy, was I glad to see that it was warm here! Liquid fire pours out of rocks and even I found it a little toasty! It is a little hard to walk since the liquid fire isn't solid. Good thing I brought my jet pack. Further up, the liquid fire has hardened and I can walk. It becomes new rock! What a nifty place Earth is!

Holy smokes! Get a load of this place! My space ship just landed and I can't believe my eyes. There are these green things everywhere and it is so humid and damp that I feel like I'm taking a shower. I guess on Earth the only color they have is green. Hmm.... I guess some people like this? Can't wait to get home and show you my photos. See you in 978 years!

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