Quadratic Formula, math 111, H. Whitehead

You use the quadratic formula when finding the x-intercepts, or also known as solutions, zeros, answers, and roots.

You can find quadratic equations in horse jumping events.

Word Problem: You have a horse jumping from a height of 6ft above the ground, at a certain angle, the height of the horse above the ground,H, in feet, at time,T, in seconds, is found by the function......

T= -4.9t2+33.5t+6

Find the time it takes for the horse to land on the ground.

a=-4.9, b=33.5, and c=6

YOu add

OR subtract

The square roots by "-b", then divide by the "2ac".

Don't count the negative solution, for the solution should always be a positive which in this problem is...

the horse landed on the ground after about 7.01 seconds.

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