" Examining alternative policies to deal with the problem of e-cigarettes"

1)"A Written summary of alternative policy #1"
The Policy says that if you get caught smoking an e -cigarette you possibly will get up to 90 days school suspension. The people who proposed the policy was the BOE. E- cigs were put into place the Year 2012 because teachers caught alot of students smoking e-cigs in the halls. The advantages of this policy is it keeps the schools drug free. The disadvantages is there is consequences if you smoke or even hold an e-cig on school campus.

2) " A written summary of alternative policy #2"
The policy says that University of California is set to ban e-cigs on campus and is working with the federal government on banning it. The person who proposed the policy is President Mark Yudof the Head of UC. It was proposed in Jan.1. The advantages is they want the school to be smoke and tobacco free. The disadvantages is smokers have to smoke about 50 feet away from a building from now on.

This shows how much people uses e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes.

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The article was posted Nov.27, 2013. Yes because it explained a University that had made a new policy on E-cigs and how they are gonna ban it. The authors of this articles are Sarah Sexton and Thaddeus Miller. The Information came from, http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2013/11/27/3360662/as-feds-ponder-future-of-e-cigarettes.html. The purpose of this information is to show how schools can teach students to be smoke and tobacco free.

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