Japan day 3

isolation affects Japan because they only have certain foods and they only eat the food they can grow.they also know of no other cultures. because of their isolation and when they finely start trading again people will not want to trade with them.because there currency is rice and the other county's use gold and sliver coins.

because of the isolation that Japan has the political situation  in edo Japan they respect there government because in there religion they strongly believe in being loyal. they also have people that make the rules and those people are called the shogun. the shogun make the rules and the samurai make sure people follower the rules the shogun put in place by the shogun.

because of the isolation of Japan the social structure is a lot different then others.the empire is at the top but did not make any rules they were mostly for show.then there are the shogun they make all the rules.then the damyo they are the people that own the farm lands.then the samurai they protect the city.then the ronin they are the samurai without masters.then the peasants and after them are the artisans and then the merchants and the out casts are not even in the social structure.

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