Starfish                                     By: James Crowley

Lionel woke up in the middle of a family field trip. Everyday that was snowing he always looked up to see the water droplets from the sky. Suddenly he stopped and thought that they were gonna pass by the frozen then he paused and stayed quiet. Now, a sound that Lionel heard once in a while was a sound almost the same as a piano that he had played at school before. When he stopped hearing the sound he sat down by his bed and was thinking about the girls and boys who only once lived in separate barracks. When, Lionel's mother died their wasn't any photo's of her. Now, his smaller sister couldn't get over it for a while but then, they started making everything more enjoyful and everything started changing since then. Lionel only had the pajamas that army captain had given him.  

Main Characters: Lionel, Beatrice

Setting: Snowing Night, Hill - Family Field Trip

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