Mobile Learning

Apps to Use

Mobile learning utilizes apps for learning on the go. Explore some of these apps that can assist with mobile learning!


The purpose of the tool is to connect students and teachers to one another. It allows users to create videos of their screens with voice overs, this allows teachers to create tutorials for at home assistance and students can create videos the share questions they have or to help their peers answer their questions.

I would use this app to create a flipped classroom. I would do grammar tutorials and tutorials on how to write thesis statements so that my students could watch the tutorials and then come to class with an understanding of the knowledge. Then in class we would build on the knowledge they already have.

Poll Everywhere

This tool allows students to reply to poll questions via text or internet. Teachers can set up a multitude of questions, and they can have the replies/answers they receive be displayed in a multitude of ways (graph, woordle, etc).

I would use this app to get students to respond quickly to questions like "What is the main theme in Hamlet?" and then they could all see the different opinions and responses. I would also use it for quick check for understanding grammar quizzes, I would show students a sentence with a grammatical flaw and give them four options of how to fix it, then they would text in their response. This would give me a visual understanding of how much of my class understands a concept, and it's a fast and simple system.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

This app will sync with your course work and give you push notifications about any course activity. Students can check grades, post in discussion groups, take mobile-friendly tests, and more.

I would use this app to in sync Virtual Learning Management page provided by my school. I would use this particular app because it is more mobile friendly than some websites like moodle or haiku (this even has test formats that are compatible with smartphones), and that makes it more student centred. Students would be able to access course content at any time or place.

myHomework Student Planner

This app helps students plan their homework schedule, and it gives them push notifications to remind them when assignments are done.

I would introduce this app to my students because high school is a busy time, and having a schedule can really help. It students are going to be on their phone all the time anyways, they may as well get organization and time management skills out of it. Also by having them use this app, they would be more likely to come to class prepared, which would enhance their education.

Quizlet - Flashcards & Study Tools

Quizlet is an app that students can use to quiz themselves to help study for exams.

Self quizzing is one of the best ways to study for exams, so I would get my students to use this app to help them study for their exams, especially their diplomas. This would be especially useful for high school students because they rarely separate from their phones, so if they want to use them they should be used as a study tool.

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