Chloe Tackk


My goal was to get better grades by the February 3, 2014 report card. I got high eighty's and ninety's. I was proud of my report card and i did do better then my last one. I wish to get all ninety's on my next report card but i will be happy if i get one or two eighty's. I am proud of what i got and i will continue to try my best in school and do better.

Responding to Question #1

Do I have concrete criteria or hard evidence to prove I am on track or I have hit my goal?

- I believe I have evidence to hit my goal because my report card shows that i have all high 80's and 90's. That is way better than my first report card of grade 8.

Responding to Question #2

What changes do you need in order to ensure you have goals that are truly measured?

Some changes I could make are to study harder for my tests and try to get 100% on them. Instead of studying the night before i could study days in advanced. I could try harder on my assignments. Instead of just doing the bare minimal of what was asked I could go beyond that.

Task #2

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