7th Grade Memories!
By: Graci Skala

Top 10 Moments Of This Year!

1. First day of school- On the first day of school, it was exciting to figure out who all my teachers were and meeting them. It was also fun going to my classes and seeing if I had any classes with my friends. All my teachers were so nice and they were the whole year, and I'm going to miss them next year, this was the best year ever.

2. 7th grade camp- I love being out doors so all the activities were fun and I learned so  many new things. My favorite activities were camouflage games, rock wall, and hobo pie/outdoor cooking. For camouflage games we played capture the flag and it was so fun because there were so many people playing. The rock wall was so much fun, but I was shaking all the way up it! The hobo pies were so good, I made three of them! I made one s'more kind and two pizza.

3. Outsiders' Day- I loved seeing everyone dressed up in different costumes and playing the games were really fun. The games we played were kahoot, password, and little contests against each other. When we played kahoot we played it in Mr. Kowalski's room, for the password we went to Mrs.McHugh's room, and for the little contests we went in Mrs.Krisfalusy's class. My favorite was the little contest, for one of them we put Vaseline on our nose and we had to pick up cotton balls on our nose then shake them off into a bucket.

4. Track Meet- Our first track meet was so fun, and we were all so nervous! For our first meet I did 100 meter and 200 meter hurdles, and 4x4 relay with Madeline Peters, Maggie Willkomm, and Kylie Rico. For 100 hurdles I got 2nd for 200 hurdles I got 3rd and for 4x4 my relay team got 3rd. Track was a short but great season, even if you don't like to run you can still try it out because there are field events.
100 meter hurdles

200 meter hurdles-

5. Volleyball Game- One of my favorite memories of volleyball was the tournament, because we were CVC champs!!! We were undefeated all year and I had alot of fun hanging out with my best friends! Mrs. Kosinski was the best coach ever! Volleyball was a great and fun season.

6. Basketball Season- My favorite memory of basketball was when we were CVC champs. Our last game we played, we played orange, and before in the regular season we beat them twice. The whole year we didn't lose a game! I miss playing basketball with all of these girls, and I miss having Mr.Gowedy as a coach. Basketball this year was so exciting to play .

7. Football Games (KHS)- I like just hanging out with my friends and watching Kenston play. The games are so exciting to watch, and its fun to put face paint on and to wear colors that support Kenston. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

8. Indians Game- The game was so much fun, but the best part was, the food, the scavenger hunt, watching the Indians play, and hanging out with my friends. That night it was $1 dog night so I ate a lot of food. Even though we lost it was still a great game against the White Soxs'

9. Formal Dance- This dance was the best dance of the whole year, you get to dress up and just dance with your friends. My favorite part was getting ready, Maggie Willkomm curled my hair. I loved seeing what the girls were wearing, and

10. Basketball game with faculty vs. students- I loved this game because there really isn't any rules. The teachers just have fun, and its funny to watch them because they just throw random shots up! At half time there was a three-point shot contest, so if you made the three-point shot then you would get a t-shirt. Each ticket was $.50 ,and I bought four, I didn't have any luck but others did. The teachers beat us by  1 point.


Outsiders' day- Outsiders' day was a day of life or death, especially when there was a "rumble". On Outsiders' day we got to dress up as a greaser or a soc, I dressed up as a greaser. It was so cool seeing everyone in different costumes. We did little activities in each of the reading teachers rooms. We played kahoot, little contests, and password. My favorite game was the little contests. Outsiders' day was the best moment  I had in reading.

Radio Drama- For my radio drama I worked with Madison Journey, Bella Benz, and Madeline Peters. For our radio drama we chose to write a script about a girl (Beth Miller)  going crazy. Madeline was the doctor, Madison was the present Beth miller, Bella was the past Beth Miller, and I was a news reporter.

Road of Trials with Chuzzlewit- This adventure all started when Caden got a letter, that night he had to email everyone what was in the letter. Then the next day we had to tell Mr.Kowalski what the secret word was, it was ego. My favorite activity that day was when we had to use tennis balls and wooden poles to get to the bucket and then you had to put the tennis balls in a bucket. Another one of my favorites was the scrabble word search. My team and I could only find nine words in the seven minutes that we had.

Core: Social Studies

My favorite activity/project for Social Studies was the Roman Legacies A to Z. This was my favorite project in social studies, everyone got to pick a letter and then you had to write about something in Rome that started with your letter. For my letter I had S and I did Scipio. This was my favorite unit in Social Studies. Another one of my favorite activities was Medieval night. This was a really fun night because you got to see how people fought and what Armour they use in the fight.
*To do well in this class you must pay attention and write good notes, because you might be able to use those on a test. Also do your homework because those count for 10-20 points each.


#1- My favorite part about camp was the rock climbing wall. This was my favorite activity at camp because one of my fears was heights and I over came it during this activity. The rock wall is about 30 feet high, and after climbing up then you had to zip-line down to the bottom. When you are climbing on the rock wall, the only thing holding you up is your friends, so if you fall it's their fault.
#2- Camp goes by really fast because you are having so much fun. So don't do something stupid to get you kicked out of camp because you will get in trouble with your parents and your teachers.  If you get in trouble you will regret it because camp is so much fun.
#3- Hobo pie making was also another fun activity at camp. There is just a big table filled with fillings. At camp I made 3 hobo pies, two pizza kind and one brown sugar and chocolate chip kind.

*Survival Tips

-Girls: Make sure if you wear leggings, you have a sweater/shirt that is long enough to cover your butt. Also make sure your shorts are long, long enough for your fingers to put down, or you will get caught.
-Boys and Girls: Make sure you are not late to class, or you will get a tarty. Also make sure you ARE NOT on your phones in the hallway because teachers will take your phone away, especially Mr.Barr! If you have a bad teacher, make sure you get on there good side in the beginning of the year, cause if not, that might not be your best class. Never start your project the night before it's due, you won't finish it.

Sports & Acedemics

Most kids in middle school play sports, and most sports that they play are important to them. You just have to remember that school and grades are more important. NEVER let sports take over your grades. Your parents ,teachers ,and coaches know and find out what your grades are, so if you like the sport a lot then you better not let it conflict with your grades. If you have bad grades and anyone finds out you could get kicked off that sport. Your grades will most likely effect your future. Your grades are the number one priority in school.  


Dances at school are really fun. It gives you time to just relax and hang out with your friends. One dance that was my favorite was the formal dance. I love seeing everyone dressed up, and seeing what the girls dresses look like. Another fun dance was the dance-a-thon. This was a fun dance to hang out with my friends because there was many little games.  They even had raffle tickets and the prizes were gift cards to restaurants, I pad mini, and beats headphones. Throughout the week you had to buy raffle tickets and put them in a jar that was in front of the prize, I put mine in all of the prizes. One last dance that was my favorite was the dance at camp. The dance was at the end of the week and it was just a time to party and relax while getting groovy. At the dance the teachers at the activities gave away prizes, and I got a prize for Chinese Jump Roper.


Be Smart with all your decisions

If your friends are doing something that you don't think is right don't do it. Even if there is a 50% that you are getting in trouble and a 50% that you won't getting in trouble don't take the chance. If you are around people that you don't feel comfortable being around, leave them. True friends don't get you in trouble, or pull you into trouble.

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