Creating = Learning
Great iPad Apps

The best way to show what you've learned is to create something with that knowledge. Just spitting it back on a worksheet is not enough! Creation-based apps connect students by engaging them in higher-order thinking and connects them with other students as they analyze each others work.

Plan to integrate the apps/tools below in your lessons this year. Students will be more excited about the content they are learning when they are creating and sharing as they go.

Sharing the finished product is just as important as making it. Real audiences and a chance to give/receive feedback take a student to a new level of engagement and pride in their work.

Book Creator

"I wrote a book today." Hands down one the students favorite apps. Using Book Creator, students from kindergarten through high school can demonstrate their understanding of butterflies, biomes, or the scientific method by creating their own iBook.  Books can have original audio, hyperlinks, original artwork or embedded video.  So many simple to use options to create something absolutely outstanding.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Create a narrated slideshow with  Shadow Puppet Edu.  The combination of voice recording and images (original or researched) is a powerful way to "show what you know."  Great starter app to get the kids creating and practicing speaking skills.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice There are so many classroom applications for this storytelling tool. Users of any age can combine images, icons, text, and music with their own voices. Simple and easy to share.

Explain Everything

One of the most powerful creation apps. Explain Everything allows students to record their voices and produce content that demonstrates their understanding of a topic -- and can be easily shared with authentic audiences.


One of the best mixed media tools around. Gathering information from websites and any original pics/videos in your camera roll is simple, but what to do with it? Thinglink gives students the ability to layer media on top of an image, turning them into curators of resources. From animal research to complex science concepts this tool takes engagement  for both the creator and the audience to a whole new level.

Green Screen by Do-ink!

What could be more engaging then putting yourself into the content? Green Screen allows students to use their research to find videos and images to use as background for a live video.  These amazing videos can then be added to iMovies, Explain Everything projects, honestly any other tool that lets you add video.  

Tellagami & Chatterpix Kids

It is amazing what a simple 30 second video can tell you! Tellagami allows you to chose your own relevant background image and avatar to tell 30 seconds of facts about any topic in the world! Chatterpix Kids lets students take any original image or research image and make it talk for 30 seconds. Animating the content they have learned engages the students in the most amazing way. They will beg to use these apps over and over. Best part is these short videos can become part of creations you make in iMovie, Book Creator, Explain Everything, Thinglink etc...


Do I really even need to promote iMovie?  iMovie is the grandfather of all creation apps. Create and narrate fantastic video movie trailers and projects. Any video or images created or research from another app above that lives in the camera roll is just waiting to be put into an iMovie.  The final step:  share it with the world (or at least your corner of it).


Give students new ways to engage, participate, and express themselves. With Edmodo, you can post discussion topics, conduct polls, award badges, and more, to foster communication and make learning social.  Take any creation that you made with the above apps and have students share it on Edmodo.  Students can reply back and discuss, debate and explore each others work.  Every student should have a voice!

                                     Have An Incredible 2015-16 School Year!

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