Oil Spill Task (Map A)

By: Zarius Buharivala Hr: 6

How I Approached The Problem

                I found the answer to the problem, over a long set of steps. First I cut the entire oil spill shape into (15) smaller shapes, (rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and circles) that I could find the area of easier. Then, I measured the sides  (diameter, and height when necessary) of each small shape in centimeters. Then I multiplied each side (diameter, and height when necessary) by 15 because since this is a scale picture, the scale is 1 cm : 15 mi. Then, I used the formulas of each type of shape (rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and circles) to find the area of each small shape. Finally, I added all the areas of all the small shapes together to get the total area of the oil spill. The total area of the oil spill is: 27683.1562 mi ^ 2 or square miles.

Additional Questions

               I know that the area I found is not the exact area of the oil spill. Because a lot of the outside lines are crooked, a lot of my small shapes are far from perfect, and the measurements may not be correct.

               I think my shapes that I drew, compare pretty well to the actual area affected by the oil spill. I expect my answer to be less than the actual spill area.

               I will hand in my work on monday in class.