Ancient Rome

The roman army

The roman army is a very important thing in the Roman Empire.

The roman army managed to conquer a lot of different countries because the army was so strong. The people of Rome needed the army because the army would protect Rome. The roman army fought for two main reasons, 1 because the wanted to protect Rome, and 2 because the army wanted to control the people who they conquered. The army was split in a special way... There was 5000 legionaries that would form a legion. The legion would be split into centuries (which was 80 men) controlled by a centurion. Then the centuries are then divided into smaller groups with different jobs to perform. In the roman army you would have to pay for the food they gave you. Also, if you died in the army, you would have to pay for your funeral.

If you tried to leave the roman army you would be thrown off a cliff. To make sure legions would panic and run away from a battle, they would announce before the battle that if you tried to run away There would be decimation. Decimation is were every tenth person in line would be beaten to death by the other Legions.

Some people in the army would have the job to go to some people in Rome and tell them they had been chosen to be in the roman army for 10 years, once they are chosen, they can't quit till it has been 10 years.

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