Age of Socialization

Peer Groups are a huge part of socialization.  Within Peer Groups we learn many different things.  Our peers show us different perspectives on how to act then we have previously learned from our parents.

Our family teaches us our basic moral values.  We learn from members of our family how to behave and what they believe to be right. Values such as religion and  etiquette are learned through ones family


School influences socialization because it exposes us to different types of things that we are not used to seeing in  out normal family setting.  School diversifies an individual because they are now forced to get along with people who may not share their exact same viewpoints and beliefs.

Mass Media
The Media effects everyone in todays society.  It can be a positive thing when we need to communicate over long distance or just to know what happening on the other side of the world.  It can also be negative by spreading unrealistic goals of how people should look and act.

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