By- Laurie Halse Anderson
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Biography of Laurie Halse Anderson

Anderson was born on October 23, 1661 in Potsdam, New York. She is a 'New York Times' best selling author that writes books for kids of all ages. The name she was born was Laurie Beth Halse, a lot of people pronounce her name as 'Hal-se', but its really pronounced as 'Halt-z'. The first thing Anderson would have wanted, would be world peace, the second? Was to people to pronounce her name right. When Anderson was in 2nd grade, she had a teacher show her how great writing was. She loved reading and her favorite was historical fiction.

Internal and External Conflicts

Internal Conflict- An internal conflict of the book is 'Isabel vs Herself'. In chapter 3, page 16, Isabel and Ruth are in a kitchen with a servant named Jenny. The backdoor was open and Isabel was trying to make a decision in if she should grab Ruth and flee or not.

External Conflict- An external conflict would be 'Isabel vs Society'. This conflict is in the whole book. Isabel fights with society because she thinks that slaves need to be free but where she lives slaves are not free and are forced to work.

10 Vocabulary Words and Defenition

Mournful- Filled with or evoking sadness.

Calico- A cloth with a bright print

Queue- A braid of hair in the back of the head

Cistern- An underground reservoir for rainwater. Pg.43

Regiments- In the forms of troops. Pg.53

Noxious- Harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant

Ailment- An illness. Pg.92

Betwixt- Architect term of between. Pg.147

Stupor- In the state of insensibility. Pg. 237

Pestilence- A fatal epic disease. Pg.259

Dynamic? Static?

A 'Dynamic' character is a character that shows her expression and is not afraid to show what he/she feels. Their is constant change in how he/she feels because of how much energy they have.

A dynamic character would be Isabela. She always fights for what she wants and she isnt afraid to stand up for herself.

A 'Static' character is a character that lacks expression and is never interested in anything. They seems to lack energy too and action.

A static character would be Ruth, Isabel's younger sister. Ruth never stands up for herself and she always stays quite.

Isabel's Quotes...

“Momma said that ghosts couldn't move over water. That's why Africans got trapped in the Americas.. They kept moving us over the water, stealing us away from our ghosts and ancestors, who cried salty rivers into the sand. That's where Momma was now, wailing at the water's edge, while her girls were pulled out of sight under white sails that cracked in the wind.” This quote helps Isabel gain strength and it gives her hope but at the end she doesn't feel as hopeful because she is away from her mom. Chapter III

“She cannot chain my soul. Yes, she could hurt me. She'd already done so...I would bleed, or not. Scar, or not. Live, or not. But she could not hurt my soul, not unless I gave it to her.” At this point Isabel feels stronger because she knows that she wasn't supposed to end up with Madam.

“A scar is a sign of strength. . .the sign of a survivor.” This is a quote that grandfather told Isabel. This means that some people have gone through a bad time already know how to deal with worst problems.

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