Fight Technoliogy   

session 1

in this session i leaned about drag, wight, thrust and, thrust; i also learned about the different parts of of a wing.

session 2

in this session i learned about how different wing shapes have different lifts and drag. i also learned how to start making a wing.

session 3

in this session i started the construchtion of my wing by folding a pice of paper and giuing the 11 wing pices to the papper and putting a pice of tape and glue on top of that and fled the papper over and the wing was done.

session 4

in this session i tested my wings drag lirt and how much waght it can carry.

session 5

in this session i learned the parts of a plane and how to use the yoke to fly the plane in the session .

session 6

in this session i used the yoke again to do more experienced plane manometers.

session 7

in this session i learned about nomadic miles and how to fined the time it takes to fly to your destination.

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