CyberBullying  Crucify chlidren

Cyber bullying  is a main social cause which is troubling the people, like this.....

Cyber bullying is teasing people on social media. It is the use of IT to harm other people. Among teenagers it has become very common. Because of this most of the people commit suicide. It is mostly done by strangers. It  is done using internet or mobile.  It may take place in the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people face this problem all around the world.The government is not taking action on this situation.

Stop cyber bullying.We should not harm others.Everyone should be friendly.Stop teasing others using social media.Use social media in a meaningful way.                     

Stop talking to strangers.From 12 years to 13 years Cyber Bullying is mostly done. 46% Cyber Bullying is done by strangers.87% it is done in face book. 19% in twitter.9% in ask me.4% in whats app.                                                                                   Think twice.... Snap nice.....                                                                                                  Think positive and do positive.







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