Henry moseley

Discovery: x-ray spectra 1913


Moseley observed and measured the X-ray spectra of various chemical elements obtained by diffraction in crystals.

Came up with Systematic relation between wavelength and atomic number now known as the Moseley’s law.

Was able to sort out many chemical problems promptly (Argon, potassium and the rare earth elements).

His development of early X-ray spectrometry equipment witch finally resulting in photographic lines.

Predicted a number of missing elements and their periodic numbers in the Periodic Table.

Random facts

Was born in Weymouth Dorset, south west side of England.

Was shot in the head and died at the age of 27.

Never finished school due to being drafted in the army.

He was a Creepy single man.

He didn't have a mum no one knew where she was if she was alive or who she was.




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