The mayan's

The mayan cities were just stone building in different shapes and sizes Maya cities were the centres of population of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization of Mesoamerica.

the mayans wore a lot of multi color clothes. the traditional mayan wore a hair ribbon, blouse, sash, shawl and a skirt.

The mayans ate a lot of corn and peppers, corn tortillas, coffee, and salsa they had alot of foods we had now which i guess is good cause the food we have now is good.They got there food by growing it or going out and hunting for it.

The mayan warriors were a lot of times tan and had went around with nothing but the "underwear" on and black paint on the face, neck and body which represented they were a warrior ready for battle

the mayans believe in the gods of nature which is (Air, Earth, Fire and wind) they also believe in animal gods like the (lizard, vulture, maize, and the fish) they thought the gods could help or hurt them which meant they could help them with there crops by rain or they could hurt them by drought.

the mayans told a lot of story's like the hero twins, which is a story of Hero Twins it begins with two twin boys. Their names are One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu. These two boys loved to play the Maya ball game. They were very talented, but they were also very noisy when they played. The gods of the underworld, the Lords of Death, became agitated with the boys and summoned them to the underworld. The Maya underworld was called Xibalba.

When the boys visited the underworld the Lords of Death put them through a number of tests

ll evidence seems to suggest that most stone buildings existed on top of a platform sub-structure that varied in height from less than a meter, in the case of terraces and smaller structures, to 45 meters in the case of great temples and pyramids. A flight of often steep stone steps split the large stepped platforms on at least one side, contributing to the common bi-symmetrical appearance of Maya architecture. Depending on the prevalent stylistic tendencies of an area, these platforms most often were built of a stucco and cut stone exterior filled with densely packed gravel.

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