mLearning Tools

EDU 210 Module 9


Mobl21 allows users to create mobile flash cards, study guides and quizzes! It is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad and can be downloaded for free from the Apple store. This app makes study material available to diverse learners anywhere and anytime. The material can be regulated by specific educational requirements of the task and updates constantly to ensure for effective studying!


Layar is an augumented reality tool which allows users to see digital layers and images of physical spaces. This app is valid on Apple products, Android and Blackberry. One can use this tool to transform a surface appearance to a deeper understanding, it can be used for anything from magazine covers to buildings!


Wapple is a mobile site for designing and publishing that allows for creative freedom with simple point & click, and  draw & drop controls! Wapple is an easy way to transform your knowledge into a digital and aesthetically pleasing format! This app can be used with android and apple products


Woices lets users create audioguides based on their location by fusing the elements of audio and video. Essentially, you can create personalized tours with added information as you explore! This could be a great tool for students learning about various environments and enables them to create, share and listen!


Fotobabble allows the user to take a picture and share content about the image through an audio recording. This can easily be used inside and outside the classroom and connect to educational subjects. For example, students must find an image that connects to a reading in class and explain why!

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