Captain John Smith

By: Abby S

Captain John Smith's Arrival!

Captain John Smith, an English explorer, was also a trader, mapmaker, soldier, and author. Working as an author, he described his detailed adventures in Jamestown, Virginia in the United States of America. Captain John Smith was first sent to Virginia by the Virginia Company, otherwise known as the London Company, to help colonize Virginia for a profit. He arrived there on December 20, 1606, after a 4 month long journey, where his adventures began. These adventures consisted of helping found the colony of Jamestown, improving the relationship between the Powhatan Indians and the settlers, and stepped up as a courageous, commanding leader.

John Smith's Role in Colonial American History!

He is widely known because of his relationship with Pocahontas. Pocahontas was the daughter of the chief Wahunsonacock, of the Powhatan Indian tribe. At the time, the relationship between the Indians and colonists was not a very friendly one. The settlers had actually beheaded two of the Indians in hopes of trade, and the settlers continued to suffer from Indian attacks. At one point, Captain Smith was even captured by the Powhatan Indians, and was almost murdered if it wouldn’t have been for Pocahontas who jumped in front of John Smith as Pocahontas' father, the chief, had tried to murder him. Although after being held captive for four weeks, Smith was finally released and was guided back to Jamestown by the now-friendly Indians. Captain John Smith had helped to improve the relationship between the Settlers and the Native American tribe. After the relationship was improved, he learned from the Indians how to grow food and put the settlers to work. Alongside learning how to grow crops from the Indians, he also learned how to hunt. Through these learnings, and skills he helped save Jamestown from starvation. John Smiths' legend still lives on, as he had a large role in saving Jamestown. Which if it wouldn't have been for him, the settlement may not still be standing today.

Captain John Smith Saves Jamestown!