All about Proface

Intro to Proface

Proface is the new social media, where you can connect with friends, family and celebrities! Its a fun site with many different uses and a nice way to spend your time.

How to use this site

To create this site, you need an email or google account. You then need to enter your bio and set up your profile picture. The messages will be located next to the profile picture, just click the button and it will take you there. To create a post just click on the button where it says create a new post, you are able to either post pictures or text. Have fun with this new site!


How do I sign up? - To sign up you go on the site, and click the sign up button. You will need an email. Then you will have to create a username and password!

Can I get notifications from certain people? - Yes, go on the person's Proface and on the side it should say, "Notifications off", click on it to turn it on! Have fun keeping up to date.

How to delete my Proface - To delete your Proface go to settings and scroll down until you see "delete", you will have to re-enter your password. Hope you enjoyed Proface!

How can I change my profile picture? - To change your profile, click on the picture you have now. When you click it it should pop up saying "change", click that and you can either take a picture or just use one from your camera roll.

How to change your username - To change your username go into settings, and click on the tab where it says, "Username and password". Click on the username you have now and click change. You should then be able to change it, be creative!

Have fun and enjoy Proface!

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