The main characters are Melissa and Will, and they are friends. The book is about a girl named Melissa and a boy named Will.First, they walk past a pet store named "Brinkley's Wild Kingdom of Pets".Then, because they see a black cat they enter into the store. When they are inside some animals look like they're dead because they don't move at all. When they are looking at the animals a man comes. They don't know because it looks like there's no one in there.The man goes closer to them and bites Will's arm and they don't know that the man has a dangerous plague. Hours later, Will gets sick too and he vomits when he goes with his mom in work.Then, his mom takes him to the doctor and the doctor says that there's nothing wrong with Will. My conclusion is that the book is good. What I liked about the book is that the man bit Will's arm made it interesting.It was scary. What I didn't liked about the book is that at the end it doesn't tell much. I would change it by adding more details at the end. I think that because I wanted to read more.

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