Galapagos Travel: Galapagos Is An Island Paradise

Located about 600 miles off the mainland of Ecuador, the Galapagos is an island paradise that few people have the opportunity to see in their lifetimes. Galapagos tours make seeing this slice of paradise feasible, while also ensuring luxury and romance are part of the equation.

If you’re considering a trip to Ecuador, including a Galapagos travelexcursion, consider all that the area has to offer so you can plan accordingly:

  • The Galapagos Islands - Explore the coastline on foot or book one of the amazing Galapagos cruises offered to visitors, you’re sure to be forever changed by visiting this spectacular region of the world.
  • There are a variety of reasons why a Galapagos cruise is an ideal for Galapagos tour . Here are few:

    Whether you choose Galapagos tours or a tour to the Andes or Amazon, you’ll not be disappointed by the adventures awaiting you in Ecuador where the best of travel greets visitors. Galapagos tours that involve cruises tend to take place on outstanding ships that are smaller than the big cruise lines, but no less impressive in the amenities department.

    About the Company

    Andando Tours is an expert at offering guided tours of Ecuador and Galapagos island vacation. Offering land and sea excursions, the company helps travelers map out adventures that are simply amazing. Its Galapagos tours and Galapagos cruise itineraries are set so the splendor of this region is taken all in.

  • The Amazon - This lush jungle makes up the majority of the Eastern edge of Ecuador and is home to a variety of amazing species of wildlife.
  • The Andes - Visitors can see the postcard image of the snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano and the renowned mountain range that is synonymous with Ecuador.
  • The service – Even on smaller, more private cruises, guests tend to be treated like royalty. If you want to be free to enjoy the surroundings, the cruise life is the way to go.
  • The tours – Galapagos tours that are guided by experts are the best ways to see this paradise that has so inspired naturalists, scientists, authors, and adventurers for years. An expert guide by your side, you can explore knowing you’ll see all the high points without having to worry about getting lost in the process.
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