In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA molecule is packaged into thread-like structures called is made up of protein and a thread like molecule. if your your grand parents or parent pass something down to you.

a gene is a basic physical and functional unit of heredity . example a gene is how you get your act or the things you do.

trait, is a distinct variant of a phenotype characteristic example like if your dad is good at basket ball and if your your good at basket ball , will then that a trait.

a dominant is when your parent have, stronger color eye than

the other parent. like when your parent have brown eyes and one have green but the brown eye is dominant, so it' is stronger.

it's a what both of your parents have your if they eye color both the same. exaple if your mom and your dad both have the same color eyes that mean your going to have their eyes to.

the genetic constitution of an individual organism. The genotype is the set of genes in our DNA which is responsible for a particular trait.

  1. the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.