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The Fault In Our Stars
by: John Green

Quote by John Green: "Some Infinities are bigger than other infinities"

A sixteen year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has terminal thyroid cancer thought she would never be a normal teenager who finds true love. But when Augustus Waters shows up everything in Hazels life is about to change.

Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters

Everyone has an enemy that they just want to get out of their life and keep it out. Cancer.. It happens to so many people, normal or famous. Cancer doesn't care if you're rich or poor, if it comes it comes and the only thing you can do is try to beat your enemy and keep living your life.

The Protagonist Is Augustus and Hazel

Everyone wants to find love, but how far are they willing to go get it? Hazel and Augustus both know what could happen by falling in love with each other. But will they still fall in love or will they choose to save the heartbreak and go their own ways?

“I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?”

-Hazel Grace Lancaster, The Fault In Our Stars

Below is a sneak preview of this incredible, inspiring love story.

I recommend this book if you are into those exciting yet breathtaking stories and inspiring movies, then this should definitely be one of your top choices! This story will have you on your toes waiting to see what happens next.

The overall theme is that sometimes things happen to you and you can't change or control it. You just got to roll with it and try different things. If you know you have a sickness that is slowly killing you, of course you see if there's any treatment, but you also live your life and go out try new things.Live like your dying everyday, which means you don't just sulk at home and just sleep your life away. You go out and have fun and enjoy life

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