Anthony galan

Persuasive essay

Why do we need good people in the world? There should be good people because they help people when we're sad,they change our mind when we are going to do something bad,and they make people smile.

    When people are sad they bring them a smile.They help by being concerned about their feelings and they listen and give their opinions on our thoughts.

    They change our mind by explaining the outcomes within them. Such as if a person was going to kill someone the good friend will tell them why they shouldn't. They also listen to why they made a bad choice.

   They help when they talk and try to make you feel better because they add humour into what they say. So it brings people a smile makes them laugh to feel better.

   There should be good probe in the world or everything will be chaos and then there wouldn't be any laws or authority.

Letter of recommendation

I recommend Anthony galan to be apart of your collage because he has used cameras for almost all his life. Anthony already has his plan for life after collage. He has a lot of skills dealing with cameras such as keeping still, aligning, walking with camera,etc. The reason he wants to get in to your collage is because he wants to have more experience so he can be a cinematographer for Universal Studios.

Cover letter

Galan Anthony noe

14149 Robert exist the

El Paso,Texas,79938


Meyer Ronald,cinematography


100 universal city plaza

Universal city, California 91608

Dear Ronald Meyer,

    I have many professions under cinematography. I've been using cameras for almost all my life and have experiences in cinematography.

   I would like to be apart of your cinematography group. Every time I get advice on a new way to change the angle,etc. I take it into consideration.

  I think I'll be a good asset to you group.


Anthony galan


Anthony galan

14159 Tony drive

Objective: to be a cinematographer

Education: I went to various elementary schools bout there most resent one was Myrtle Cooper. The middle school I went to was puenthes middle school and the high school I went to pebble hills high school. I got a AVID award for completing the AVID 1 course.

Experience: I have no job "real" experience but I have worked for my self. I had to save all the money I earned to pay for something I always wanted.

Skills: I have many skills in cinematography. Due to being in the morning announcements.


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