Make Thinking Visible With Formative Quick Draw

Explore more about Formative at the bottom of this online flyer with a Step-By-Step Guide and some tutorial videos.

Active Reasoning, Exploration       & Explanation

  • Introduce a concept or topic with a question.
  • Encourage students to think about a question and share their thoughts with a partner.
  • Display, in a visual way, their thinking using the Quick Draw Tool in the Formative web app.

1. Story/Concept/Topic Visualization

Show a video clip or read a book/story/lecture.

  • What's going on?
  • What do you see that makes you say that?
  • Refer to the resources at the bottom for another Visible Thinking option.

2. Think, Puzzle, Explore...
Setting the Stage for Deeper Inquiry*

Ask the following after displaying a graphic on a particular topic/concept/content

  1. What do you think you know about this topic?
  2. What questions or puzzles do you have?
  3. How can you explore this topic?

*You could substitute this activity for any of the options provided at the bottom of this online flyer.

3. Create an Exit Ticket

Use the Quick Draw to in GoFormative to do a quick visual assessment of students' understanding of the day's lesson.

Check out this YouTube Playlist of Formative Tutorials Below: