Penélope Cruz

Darius McCoy

Penelope Cruz is an actress and model. She began her career at age 15. The following year, she starred in the film Jamón Jamón. Since then she has had an successful acting career. She is the first Spanish actress to recieve a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

Penélope, age 16 starring in the film Jamón Jamón

Penélope was April 28,1974  

 (age 40)

She was born in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.


Penélope is the daughter of Encarna Sánchez and Eduardo Cruz. Cruz lived in a working-class society. She is the oldest of three. At the age four, she remembers playing and acting out characters pretending to be someone else. But as a young child she had an interest in ballet. She studied ballet for nine years. She became more into movies and acting around the age 10 or 11.

5 important facts about her career

First Spanish actress on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Proud advocate for AIDS/HIV charities


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