A Bibliography is a list of resources used for research for a paper or project.

Why should you include a bibliography?

1. It gives credit to the original creator or author.

2. It also allows others to find your sources themselves.

Books as resources!

Books are great resources for resource.

  • They provide information that is usually well researched and carefully crafted.
  • They go through a much more rigorous process to get published than many websites.
  • However, be careful. Books cannot be updated like a website can, so some information may be out of date.

To cite a book for a bibliography look for Title and Author.


  • Find the author on the cover of the book.
  • Author (Last Name, First Name)
  • Example: Willems, Mo
  • Find the title of the book on the cover.

  • Exmple: I Will Surprise My Friend

Then put it all together.

  • Last Name, First Name. Title of Book
  • Willems, Mo. I Will Surprise My Friend!

Websites as resources!

Websites are also great resources for research!

  • Websites provide information in a concise (or to the point) manner, often making it easier to navigate or read than some books.
  • In addition, it is relatively easy to update a website, so the information is often accurate and up to date.
  • However, be careful! Websites do not always meet as much scrutiny to get published. Make sure that the website you are using is up to date and from a respected source.

When citing a website for a bibliography look for the

  • The host site
  • Example: A - Z Animals
  • Article Name
  • Example: Barn Owl
  • Web Address
  • Example:

Put it all together